Are your kids too old for “baby music”?  But you’re concerned about all the metal, rap, and punk waiting to take its place -- carrying a load of negative messages? 

THE CHILLS are dark, edgy, and a far cry from “baby music”.  They’re also smart and funny, with irresistible songs that build vocabulary and imagination.  Click on the underlined titles below to hear the songs and read the lyrics.

In the Dark

Fear of Little Men

Boogerman’s Theme

Has Anybody Heard About the Blob?

Ghost Story

The Brat Machine

Prof. Haggard’s Most Unusual Collection

Here Comes the Mummy

Haunting School

Do the Monster

The Gruesome Groove

The Long and Curious Saga of Dr. Trulaine



A Most Unusual Neighbor


Know Your Bones (1)

Boogerman’s Back

Green Green Slime

Thunder and Lightning

The Boy with Two Heads

Know Your Bones (2)

The 17th of May

Mr. Stench

Cemetery Rap

Never Listen to Track 13



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