Molly the Moose   (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The Teasing Bird      Sandwich

Krinkledinks and Grodsnips

There Once Was a Bagel

All About the Moon      Who You Are

Kangaroo      Joanie and the Genie

The Planets‘ Song     Picture the World

While You’re Sleeping

You Can Be a Robot (and Clean Your Room)     

Another Crazy Day    

Monkey Dance  (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The Ballad of Pepe Pinto

Molly the Moose in Hollywood      Lazy Dog

What in the World is a Dinosaur Doing in Denver?   

93 Million Miles      Such a Dizzy Day

Bubble Time      Monty Miller (Smart Gorilla)

Kindness      Cockatoo Blues

When I Sing      All the Colors

Rise and Shine    Crabwalk    

Peanut Butter Pirates  (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Don’t Let the Dog Dig

Molly the Moose on Mars

Soap Opera      Continents

37 Kids in a Great Big Shoe

Mermaid      Dream Time

Lullabye 2   


Click on the underlined titles to hear the songs and read the lyrics.

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