In 2004, singer/songwriter Ira Marlowe was singing his original songs in a San Francisco cafe when a stranger approached him. This stranger turned out to be the creative director of The Learning Company, the world’s leading producer of educational software for kids.  Impressed by the colorful wit of Ira’s music, the man hired him on the spot to write a series of songs for their upcoming Reader Rabbit release, including the Reader Rabbit Theme, which now appears with every new Reader Rabbit product.  and PBS.

After twenty years struggling in the music business, Ira found writing for kids to be absolutely liberating. No longer worried about what record company execs might think, he started having fun again, knowing that the more creative and colorful he made his songs, the more kids would like them. Soon he began recording under his own Brainy Tunes label.

With Brainy Tunes, Ira's goal is to create entertainment that challenges kids while respecting the tastes of their parents. He assumes kids to be naturally creative, astute and hilarious and he refuses to condescend to them. The textured, dynamic musical arrangements stimulate kids and get them moving and participating. The narrative, visual imagery engages their imaginations. And, by including just enough information over their heads, Ira's lyrics trigger kids' questions and curiosity: a hunger to learn.

Brainy Tunes' first independent CD for kids, THE TEASING BIRD and Other Stories, was released in December of 2005. Its first printing sold out in two months, based entirely on word-of-mouth. Since then there have been four more releases, each delighting an ever-widening audience of kids and parents.

Marlowe has been a winner of the international Songs Inspired By Literature contest, his music appearing on a benefit CD alongside songs by David Bowie, Tom Waits, Roseanne Cah and others.  His songs have also been featured on National Public Radio and the Dr. Demento show.  He has also written music for PlayFirst games (Diner Dash) as well as Playwalla, including the theme to the acclaimed, PBS-sponsored, Road Trip to the White House.

In 2012 Ira opened The Monkey House, a performance space and recording studio in Berkeley, CA.  It features a variety of live performances for both kids and adults and will soon host Mortimus Greely’s Haunting School -- an interactive musical for humans eight and older -- featuring music, video, smoke, black light, and numerous ghosts. 

Watch out!